About us


Who we are

Heads N' Threads is a startup athletic equipment retailer based in Atlanta, GA. Our focus is Lacrosse equipment, specifically stringing and dying heads. We are a hard-working, passionate crew devoted to making customer experience the best it can be. That's why we use a modern and simple web store, simplifying the payment process. All you do is drop off your stick.


Our product has recently hit the shelves at Play It Again Sports, where you can buy our custom products. We also have a proffesional customer. You may know the name: Matt Striebel. He uses our wax and he hasn't used any other since he found us.

Our wax is perfectly formulated to give you the longest-lasting mesh possible. Our special mesh does not flake, and holds its shape better than any product you have used before. And it's all only $12.

No, not in that sense. We're still alive. Our variety of dye colors makes our dying service fully custom. We can apply single or double colors to your head. Or, you can purchase a custom design with up to four colors and a pattern, ssuch as stripes or fades.

We do all of our projects b hand, start to finish. And it's just for you. We try very hard for our customers to be satisfied, because that's what matters to us.


See some of our many skills.

Stringing: 100%
Dying: 100%
Mesh: 100%

Bennett King Co-Founder and Dyer/Stringer

Bennett is the head honcho, the guy behind getting stuff done.


Charlie Raulet Co-Founder and Dyer/Stringer

Charlie is an important player in Heads N' Threads, because he comes up with ideas to improve their product and grow their line.


Wilson Hobbs CTO

Wilson makes sure Heads N' Threads' name looks good on the internet, and manages the technologicat aspect of the company.